Applying The Bible But Not Really doesn’t appear to be a coast option in the Christian life. The Bible teems with the message “grow or die.”. Natural law teaches the same. If somebody doesn’t tend the garden, weeds are going to choke out the butter-bib lettuce. If somebody doesn’t wash the laundry, the funk must follow.

We must then bring God’s Word to bear on the weeds. We must ensure that we’re pouring the laundry detergent in the washer, and not down the kitchen sink. It won’t do any good down the kitchen sink.

The difficulty is, applying medicine to the woundcan be painful. It can be costly. “If I apply this medication to the actual lesion, this patient may sue me for making him uncomfortable!” So it is easy to let spiritual sickness fester while liberally spreading the remedy in the wrong direction. But, shepherds are called to shepherd, not just pretend like their doing so.

In a recent conversation I heard of a pastor, one who was very much “with the times,” teaching egalitarianism and with passion. With fervor he declared, “We are not going to put a lid on women!” And the crowd went wild.

While I disagree with egalitarianism, I could not agree more that putting a lid on the ladies is a bad idea. But the real point is, such a message is sailing with the wind. It is running with the crowd of this age. The right applauds, the left applauds, the radical feminists applaud, the LGBT community applauds. Even the abusive men who oppress women applaud because everybody knows this particular standard. It is hailed to the highest across our land–you don’t put a lid on women, not here, not now.

But what would happen if this pastor had declared with the same passion, “We will have women submit to their husbands in all things lawful.” Yes, a good number of the folks above would stop applauding. Many would dislike this alien standard, which is not hailed across our land. But then you’d be really taking the lid off women and not just pretending like you were. Then you’d be applying the Word to the wound.

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