A Precious Savior

The close of a sermon preached by Richard Fuller entitled A Precious Savior:RichardFuller.jpg

Precious Jesus! who dwelling in ineffable glory didst for me stoop to take my nature in its meanest and most mournful conditions. Precious Jesus! who for me didst welcome a life of poverty and shame, becoming a homeless, houseless man, with men’s faces hidden from thee. Precious Jesus! who for me didst meekly lie in the garden, and in cruel anguish, with the blood oozing from every pore of thy body, didst plead with the Father in strong supplications and tears. Precious Jesus! who for me was led like a lamb to the bar of Pilate, and then to Herod; and for me didst so patiently bear all those scoffs and contumelies while they put on thee a robe of derision, and smote thee, and spat upon thee, and pressed a crown of sharp thorns into thy brow until the blood trickled down thy pale face. Precious Jesus! who for me was nailed to the cross as it lay on the ground, yet uttered no cry while the cruel spikes were driven into thy tender, quivering nerves and fibres. Precious Jesus! Who for me—hanging on that cross—endured all the insults and agony which earth and hell could inflict upon thee. O Jesus, all this, and all this for me;–let all this make thee preciousness itself to me. Forever, Saviour, I am thine. Take my heart; thy love hath conquered it. And when thou hast taken, keep it ; let thy love fix every thought, feeling, desire, affection for time and for eternity. 

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