Feeding on the Word

This word from John Dagg reminded me of how sweet it is to feed on the Word of God as it is preached week in and week out.

It is not enough to receive the spiritual food, but it ought to be inwardly digested. The truth which is heard on the sabbath, ought to be a subject of meditation through the week; and its influence should bring the actions, the words, the thoughts, even the very imaginations into obedience to the gospel of Christ. Thus the process of spiritual nutrition will be carried on, until the next sabbath brings another supply of the heavenly food. Thus the soul will grow in strength, and attain the stature of spiritual manhood. (John Dagg, Manual of Theology)

Anyone who has had the delight of attending God’s Word on Sunday, and then receiving nourishment from it throughout the week, knows what a delight such an experience is. God truly does feed his children. If this is foreign to you, I encourage you to attend the gathering of God’s people expecting to hear from the Lord. Aim to remember God’s Word and look for ways that His truth might impact your personal life throughout the week.

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