Toward True Community

Girl. Cup. PhoneI fear the current consensus on friendship, community, belonging, or relational satisfaction is quite skewed. This skewed understanding too often results in a premature departure from one community to another in order to seek out a sense of connectedness. To a generation that has been marketed with products perfectly crafted to meet the needs of the individual, community has become a right rather than a privilege, something that must serve us rather than something we must serve, something that should come to us rather than something we must earn, something that must include people perfectly fit to our own tastes rather than a diverse group of believers bathed in the blood of the same Savior.

The beautiful and essential truth is that community, connectedness, belonging, or friendship comes through serving others regardless of what you will get in return. And I mean real Christian service not the superficial kind. Real service that prays diligently for others, investigates their actual needs, and sacrifices to meet those needs. Resolve to do so, begin the work, and your loneliness will at least begin to wane and true friendship will be on the horizon.

To the iPhone, iLife, and iWork generation, we must learn that there is no such thing as iCommunity.

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