Welcome death–the spirit lives!

I was recently given Octavius Winslow’s Morning Thoughts. It has enriched my mornings greatly. Winslow has a way of focusing on Christ no matter the Scripture. His mother once told him, “The whole Bible points to Christ… Christ the sum and substance of the whole. In him, God and sinner meet, and they can meet nowhere else.”octavius winslow

Here are a few lines from Winslow this morning on Romans 8:10 “The spirit is life because of righteousness.” Words that remind us why we can welcome death:

Oh glorious truth! Welcome death; the spirit lives! Welcome the grave; the spirit is beyond it! Death, thou canst but touch the material fabric; the inner life towers about thy reach, hid with Christ in God. Grave, thou canst but imprison the body; the soul is at home with Jesus. I live, not because of any righteousness which I have wrought, but because Christ is my righteousness. I live on account of the Righteous One, I live in the Righteous One, and I shall live forever with the Righteous One.

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