The Master Plan of Evangelism


The Master Plan of Evangelism presents a model of evangelism and discipleship that follows Christ’s own method. It is a short, clear, and practical work that reminds believers to engage one another with the word. Below is an outline of the chapters that includes the scripture associated with each theme of the Master’s plan.

Chapter 1: Selection (Lk. 6:13)

Chapter 2 – Association (Matt. 28:20)

Chapter 3 – Consecrated (Matt. 11:29)

Chapter 4 – Impartation (John 20:22)

Chapter 5 – Demonstration (John 13:15)

Chapter 6 – Delegation (Matthew 4:19)

Chapter 7 – Supervision (Mark 8:17)

Chapter 8 – Reproduction (John 15:16)

Coleman’s method of discipleship finds expression in the life of Christ. Christ selected individual men to spend vast amounts of time with. Christians too should find others to spend quantity time with for the purpose of discipleship. Next, Christ poured his life into his followers and demonstrated to them a godly way of life. Here too, Christians must not hold back in their discipleship, but share both their hearts and their lives with those whom they are pouring into. Also, Christ expected his followers to obey him and he often checked up on them to see how they were progressing. In the same way, Christians must expect their disciples to obey God’s word and see that they hold them accountable to do it. Finally, Christ gave his followers work to do and expected them to engage others in the same way that he engaged them. Christians as well must delegate responsibility to those whom they disciple. Christians should both disciple and be discipled. As each disciple goes out to make another disciple, then this principle of reproduction will occur. Christ did not expect his twelve closest disciples to simply receive from him, but he called them to go and make disciples as well. This simple method is worthy of implementation in the church today.

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