You Cannot Be Too Vile!

spurgeonThe Prince of Preachers let’s it go. Praise God for his grace that cannot be resisted and cannot be darkened by our wretched sin! I pray this blesses you as much as it does me:

“Why keep back? Why keep back? ‘But I am so base.’ Does not the sun shine on dunghills? May not the mercy of God shine on you, you dunghill sinner? You cannot be too low! You cannot be too vile! The infinite mercy of God, like the infinite light of the sun, can reach you. ‘Alas, I am dark.’ And what night was too dark for the sun to turn it into day? ‘Alas, I am cold.’ But what iceberg was too cold for the sun to thaw it? What winter was too severe for the sun to turn it into summer?
Yield yourself up, you icicle! Yield to the sun and it will melt you. Yield yourself up, you dead and shriveled twig, to that dear sunbeam which waits to kiss you and it will awaken life within you, and warm you till you shall be loaded with rich fruit, to the praise and glory of the Sun of Righteousness which has risen upon you!” (Charles Spurgeon, from sermon The Rising Sun)

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