Fighting Anxiety

The holidays seem to cook up the perfect conditions for a good ole’ nervous breakdown. My dear friend and fellow pastor Frank Sirianni has offered 10 principles for fighting anxiety. He gives many helpful thoughts on the subject, one of my favorites being, “Your fears do not disqualify you for grace; they are the reason you need grace.” I have found his list of 10 principles very helpful and wanted to share:

  1. Realize that you are not alone.
  2. Acknowledge your anxiety as sin and confess it to your loving, forgiving Father.
  3. Remember the gospel.
  4. Investigate the sin behind the sin of anxiety and confess it to God.
  5. Understand that you are in a spiritual battle.
  6. Don’t trust your feelings; trust the objective Word of God.
  7. Surrender to God’s will.
  8. Focus on today.
  9. Practice the spiritual disciplines.
  10. Seek biblical counseling.

To read in full click here.

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