The Mission (pt. 1)

The Mission LogoJonathan Edwards gave me one of the greatest gifts imaginable in his book, The End for Which God Created the World. He made clear to me why this world exists. He helped me to understand why God made this world. This book grounded me so that I not only realized why God created the world but also why God created me. It helped me to understand why I exist.

It is a good thing to know (and remember!) why you exist. Without this knowledge life can be confusing, dark, troublesome, aimless, and empty. But if you truly understand why there is blood pumping through your veins and air going into your lungs; if you truly understand why you have tastebuds, hands, eyeballs, and a voice, then life takes on meaning, purpose, direction, and fullness.

At our church we have begun preaching through our mission statement, which explains why we exist. I am extremely grateful to God that my personal mission statement aligns with our church mission statement:

“Providence Church exists to glorify God, by treasuring Christ, loving people, and making disciples.”

This statement is loaded with meaning, so over the next few weeks I will write on the different concepts addressed in it. If you’d like to follow along as we preach through this mission statement at Providence, click here.

One thought on “The Mission (pt. 1)

  1. Being a native of New England I have a deep respect for Jonathan Edward and His great passion for the Gospel. I totally agree with what you wrote, about knowing our purpose in the light of the truth God has left us in His word! It is so true, when we know our purpose life is much more rewarding. So many people exist in this world without a purpose, and they need the Light revealed in Christ to show them why they are here. I truly appreciate the doors you have opened by commenting on this great man. And am thankful to God for sending His son Jesus to give us purpose in life and to know the reason why we exist. I need this reminder in my heart, even though I have walked in the light for many years. God Bless and thanks for sharing.

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