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I have been deeply moved by watching the performance of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Their song “Same Love” has become an “equality anthem” for many. A song that proclaims, “I’m not cryin on Sunday” has led me to cry tears of sorrow, confession, and hope. I was struck by the authenticity and passion with which Macklemore performed. This led me to examine his lyrics closely. Though he and I are worlds apart, I resonate with his passion for true love and acceptance. Sadly, we disagree on the pathway to that love and acceptance. Rather than try and express my tears in prose, I have tried to express them in poetry:

God has made each and every one
He rains down love from up above,
LGBT his image bears,
And that is why this news I share.
He loves you, he loves you, he loves indeed!
He came to us, to meet our need
Our need of healing, and restoration,
He came to us to bring salvation.
For his image we’ve scared, yes we… yes all
None is exempt from this tragic fall.
So I’m cryin on Sunday because I see
The depth of sin, that remains in me… and you… us all.
I’m cryin on Sunday because there’s some
Who boast in their works, and look down on Sodom.
While Sodom creates its own religion,
That does not lead to redemption.
I’m cryin on Sunday a tear of hope,
For there is one who is not slow,
To save
But tears… they must be shed,
Tears of repentance, that lead to tears of joy.