An Open Letter to My Beloved

jared and heather. louisvilleMy mind cannot think of the words to communicate my heart. You are an excellent wife (Prov. 31:10). I praise God that he has blessed me with you and I truly do not know what I would do without you. My heart fully trusts you for you unceasingly do good to me (v.11-12). I do not know how you continually rise while it is yet night and serve our family (v.15). I can testify that your strength comes from the Lord. I see you clothed in his strength for you look with courage to the future, laughing at the temptation to fret what may come (v.25). I have seen you open your mouth and pour forth words of wisdom that strengthen others (v.26). And so my dear I must rise up, call you blessed, and praise you!

You are an excellent wife! A strong and sacrificial helper to me. A loving mother and a godly example to others. You are an honest encourager. A faithful friend. A tender conscience. Indeed you are a woman who fears the Lord. You are a sweet and precious child of God, my love!

I wanted to share the video below with you that you might be encouraged on this Mother’s Day. My dear, we have every reason to rejoice and no reason to fear. The Lord will be faithful to us. He is good and his love endures forever. We may face trials and troubles in this life but we have his promise that whatever we face – all will work for our good (Rom. 8:28). He will give his grace to you so that you will be able to endure when times get hard. And he will complete what he has begun. His joy will always come new to you like the morning sun. And he will give you the perfect amount of mercy day after day.

With all my heart,

Your loving husband.

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