In Christ

tankOne of Paul’s favorite phrases to describe the position of Christians is “in Christ”.  He uses this language so often that it is easy for us to look over the importance of this concept.  The power of this truth comes through when we realize Paul is not only saying we are “with Christ” but we are “in Christ”.  It is extraordinary enough to be with the King of Kings but if you are just with somebody there is a chance you may get separated.  On the other hand if you are in Christ then there is no getting separated, as Paul says in Ephesians 1; we have been sealed in Christ with the Holy Spirit.

So I imagine it like Jesus is our tank.  He crossed over enemy lines to come and get us because we have been taken captive by sin and Satan.  He rescues us and we climb in him as our refuge, then the Holy Spirit comes along and seals the hatch tight.  That means, there’s no getting out, game over, mission accomplished.  This is the way the Christian life is to be lived, in Christ by faith.  Surely there is a war going on out there because we’re not home yet but the most important piece of information is that you are now in Christ!  Christ is a strong tank!  He is a Mighty Fortress!  Those bullets cannot kill you anymore so relax.  Break out the champagne and celebrate because the Mighty Warrior has come and we are now in him safe and sound!

Now any soldier in a battle tank does not just sit back and kick his feet up, he fights!  But what is so important to see is that we are not fighting for our lives.  We are not fighting as if the enemy could overtake Christ Jesus our tank and take us into captivity again.  Rather we are fighting because we know the war has already been won.

So remember your permanent position in Christ Jesus.  You got here by grace and you will stay here by grace.  For peace of mind you need only remember the indestructible power of your Mighty Tank.

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