Jesus is King Over All


Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof…”

Jesus is King.  We struggle with this concept being that we are citizens of “the land of the free.”  Modern Americans lack a reference point for this truth.  Yet God’s word is clear, Jesus owns us.  We are his.  He made us and we belong to him.  In fact, everything that we have is his.  Jesus is not only the Creator and Sustainer of this world but he is the central reference point and the end point.  Everything is commanded to give him praise.  He is the king.

Jesus rules over all of life, and that’s a good thing.

Jesus is King… Of All

Jesus rules over the world, not only the lives of Christians.  Society is drifting away from biblical truth and morality.  Certainly some who claim the name of Christ address societal sins in an unloving and ridiculous way.  But this must not stop Christians from rightly addressing societal sins by proclaiming the Christ who is King.  We must not be stopped from believing and speaking of Jesus’ objective kingship over all the earth.  One day every knee will bow.  This is why topics like abortion, war, education, crime, and homosexuality matter.  We address them not primarily because they affect our children’s future but we address them because this world belongs to Christ.

Jesus rules over our personal lives.  Our lives are to be lived under his authority and for his glory.  This means every moment matters.  Not only the moments when people are watching but my private moments as well.  This means my thoughts matter, even private ones. (2 Cor. 10:5).

Our time belong to Jesus.  Our money belongs to Jesus.  Our homes belong to Jesus.  Our bodies belong to Jesus.  Our talents belong to Jesus.  Our children belong to Jesus.  Our business belongs to Jesus.

Look at all that the Lord has given us to care for!  This truth leads to gratefulness and gratitude.  It also leads to a healthy understanding of our responsibility.  But to make sure we do not get stressed out or feel oppressed by this truth we must understand something else about Jesus and his kingship.

Jesus Rules…  With Grace

His yoke is easy.  Jesus is not a tyrant, he is a king!  He is a good king!  Satan is a tyrant who rules this world by oppression, temptation, and deception.  Jesus rules with grace.  We need not fear that we will fail to steward our lives well, because Jesus has promised to work in us so that we will live for him.  His ways are good.

We must engage societal sins in light of this truth.  We must not merely tell people they need to live under King Jesus but we must show them that his ways are better!  We must live our personal lives in light of this truth.  Parents stop short when they tell children, “clean your rooms because Jesus said so”.  Rather we must instruct children that Jesus does command us to do things AND he commands what is best for us.  The same truth applies to our stewardship of time, body, resources, and finances.  We live under the authority of a good king.

Jesus is King…  So Rejoice!

Jesus is the king who brings joy.  A life under his rule is a happy life.  This life is one lived with a purpose.  No moment is a dull moment; rather it is an opportunity to live for the king.  His kingdom has come and is still coming.  This is why we pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  We need not fear the world’s reaction when we live and speak of King Jesus.  He despised the shame of the cross and we can to.  We need not fear failure for our King is gracious, kind, and powerful.  So let us live for and speak of the King of glory.  He rules over all of life and that is a good thing.

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