Christians Cannot Be Really Good Sinners

1 John 3:9  “No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God.”

Make not mistake about it, Christians are sinners.  We make mistakes, break God’s commandments, think to highly of ourselves, and don’t love others as we ought.  But though Christians are sinners, they do not make “a practice of sinning”.  Christians do not work hard at sinning.  We do not become highly skilled at sinning, we do not get better and better at being sinners as a NBA star gets better and better as they practice their jump shot.

But the question “why” reveals something important.  Why do Christians not make a practice of sinning?  Is it because they are better than everyone else?  Or, because they work harder than other people?  Nope.

Two reasons why Christians do not make a practice of sinning from the verse above:

1.  Christians CANNOT make a practice of sinning.

The verse above says “he cannot keep on sinning”.  This shows us that it is not that Christians possess the will power to resist sin.  Rather, Christians do not have the ability to keep on sinning.  They do not have the power in them to keep on sinning.  It’s like my 2-year old son trying to block a Lebron James slam dunk… not gonna happen, because he does not have the power needed.  The Christian does not have the capability to keep on sinning because….

2.  Christians have been born of God.

The reason a Christian cannot keep on sinning is BECAUSE “God’s seed abides in him”.  Meaning, they are God’s child, Christ is now truly in them and they are in Christ.  A miracle has happened, they used to be great at practicing sin but they have died and been born again, now they lack the power.

So, Christians are not better rule keepers, they are not smarter, faster, or stronger.  They are a new creature, a different creature than before.  Something has happened to them, they have been born of God.

Exhortations to flee from sin are certainly needed, but in light of this text let us simply believe this glorious truth about what God has done.  Stand back and look at the wonder of God.  He has made you new, you are now his, and this means not only that you will not keep sinning, but you do not even have the ability to keep sinning.

One thought on “Christians Cannot Be Really Good Sinners

  1. Great post.

    Christians sin…and sin often. But you are right. We are not, or should not be comfortable about our sinning.

    The very 1st of Luther’s 95b Theses was this;

    “The entire life of the Christian is one of repentance”

    We never move beyond the need for repentance and forgiveness.

    Thanks, so much.

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